This Thing of Seeing Things

“Have You Met Miss Jones?” The Colors of Jazz Collection ©2020, Molly Larson Cook 30″ x 24″ Acrylic and ink on gallery-wrapped canvas   “This thing of seeing things. All kinds of seeing. Dead seeing. Live seeing. Things that are mere surfaces. Things that are filled with the wondrous. Yes, color must be seen beautifully, that is, meaningfully, and used as a constructive agent, borrowed … Continue reading This Thing of Seeing Things

Art and the Moon

“…usually – but not always — the piece you produce tomorrow will be shaped, purely and simply, by the tools you hold in your hand today.” — Bayles & Orland It’s still another month before I’ll see my paints and painting tools again, so I’ve been spending my “dedicated” painting time reading about the creative paths of other artists instead and taking a look at … Continue reading Art and the Moon