Zen and the Art of Seeing

There are few things in nature more beautiful to me than dessicated flowers. I know this may sound odd, but take my word for it – or take Irving Penn’s or Frederick Franck’s – if you prefer. Photographer Penn created a most wonderful book of flowers in which he included every phase of particular flowers from bud to dessication. Franck is the author of The … Continue reading Zen and the Art of Seeing

When Tulips Are in Bloom Again

The name of this blog says it all: Art and Tulips They have long gone hand in hand for me, even before “The Colors of Jazz.” Painting flowers has never held much appeal for me because I know it’s impossible for me to truly capture their beauty except perhaps in a good photograph, so using photographs in collages has seemed the best way, for me … Continue reading When Tulips Are in Bloom Again

The Art of Imperfection

What is commonly called ugliness in nature can in art become full of beauty. –August Rodin It was the father of a young boy at a Rodin show at the National Gallery and my grandmother, the consummate gardener who taught me the truth of Rodin’s statement. I was visiting the Rodin show at the National Gallery several years ago, following along behind a man and … Continue reading The Art of Imperfection

All Things New – and Old

It’s definitely spring now and the tulips are beginning to fade in the warming weather of San Diego.  But I find them beautiful still.  Hence the photo that accompanies this site. My grandmother, a mistress of the garden, loved a book I gave her with photos by Irving Penn of flowers in all stages of bloom.  She pointed out to me how beautiful the withering … Continue reading All Things New – and Old