Artist in the Garden

Stuck. Every creative knows the feeling. Whether you’re stuck without new ideas or stuck on a project that seemed like a good idea in the window but not when you got it home or stuck because the heat has drained you of every ounce of creative energy, you’re stuck. I have a cup I bought at the Wooden Boat Show in Portland, Maine, years ago. … Continue reading Artist in the Garden

Art and Risk – the Dynamic Duo

“Art, after all, rarely emerges from committees.” This bit of wisdom comes from the opening paragraph of the section, “Fears About Others” in Bayles & Orland’s always spot-on book for artists, Art & Fear. In a discussion about artists and “others” who include the critics, the public, family, friends, teachers, the lady down the street, and too often ourselves, Bayles & Orland go on to … Continue reading Art and Risk – the Dynamic Duo

A Wild and Precious Life

“Summer was past and the day was past.Sombre clouds in the west were massed.” Robert Frost’s poignant poem, “Bereft” includes these lines, and they came to mind today, although in this case: “Winter was past and the cold was past. Fluffy clouds in the west were massed.” Spring has come, and with it the flowers of the season, the budding branches, the greening grass, the … Continue reading A Wild and Precious Life

When Tulips Are in Bloom Again

The name of this blog says it all: Art and Tulips They have long gone hand in hand for me, even before “The Colors of Jazz.” Painting flowers has never held much appeal for me because I know it’s impossible for me to truly capture their beauty except perhaps in a good photograph, so using photographs in collages has seemed the best way, for me … Continue reading When Tulips Are in Bloom Again