Artist in the Garden

Stuck. Every creative knows the feeling. Whether you’re stuck without new ideas or stuck on a project that seemed like a good idea in the window but not when you got it home or stuck because the heat has drained you of every ounce of creative energy, you’re stuck. I have a cup I bought at the Wooden Boat Show in Portland, Maine, years ago. … Continue reading Artist in the Garden

A Body of Work and the Traces of Art

The body here, which I found some now-forgotten place, was the inspiration for my series, “Celestial Bodies.” I was attending a marketing workshop for artists about how to sell the paintings when I heard the line, “You’ll need a body of work…” At that moment, words from an old tune ran through my head: “I ain’t got no body…” And I did, in fact, have … Continue reading A Body of Work and the Traces of Art