Declaring What’s Yours – and Important

“Well, All Right, Okay, You Win” from The Colors of Jazz collection ©2020, Molly Larson Cook Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas 30″ x 24″   Making art is many things to many people.  Some of us work at realism.  Some of us work at landscapes.  Some of us paint bowls of fruit or flowers.  Some of us work with wood or metal or clay.  Some of … Continue reading Declaring What’s Yours – and Important

The Artist As She Goes

I’ve continued down the road with Frank Lloyd Wright these past few weeks as he “meets” one artist or another, and I’m about to begin the last painting on this journey. I thought I was finished after he met Georgia O’Keeffe (see below), but it turned out there was one more meeting I wanted to orchestrate before I moved on to something else. I’ve spent … Continue reading The Artist As She Goes

That Certain Feeling

Fledgling red wing blackbird All the years I was a writer and especially when I was working on my one published novel (there are others in boxes or my computer files), I discovered an odd emotion that came when I knew a passage was right. Dead-on right. When the pieces clicked together not in the “well-made” sense, which is death to good writing, but in … Continue reading That Certain Feeling

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

It’s taken longer than I expected to get back to work here – life intervened and work and a hot spell we didn’t expect that has sapped our energy and dried up the gardens and left us to sit in whatever cool spot we can find and read for the duration. I’ve lately been reading James Elkins’ What Painting Is, a book that uses the … Continue reading This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A Body for My Body of Work

Since my last post regarding the need for a body of work, I’ve had a conversation with an artist/instructor who gave me some much-needed feedback on what I’ve done so far.  He also introduced me to new materials and techniques. Before we finished the conversation he let me see pieces of an exercise for one of his classes, not unlike the exercises I remember from … Continue reading A Body for My Body of Work