Choosing for a Small Exhibition Is a Labor of Love

“Art should be persistent; exhibitions should be small.”–Robert Henri, The Art Spirit I have been persistent and have been invited to mount a small exhibition of my “Colors of Jazz” in my new also small hometown in July. This is a happy piece of news for me after I lost opportunities when I left San Diego for Mexico back in 2018. And then moved again … Continue reading Choosing for a Small Exhibition Is a Labor of Love

Art and Science: Together and Apart

Despite some discussions about the similarities between art and science, it’s good to be clear: they both matter, but they are not the same. David Bayles and Ted Orland make this abundantly clear in their Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking. From Bayles and Orland:“It is an article of faith, among artists and scientists alike, that at some deep level … Continue reading Art and Science: Together and Apart

The Colors of Our Lives

“Everybody who has any respect for painting feels scared when he starts a new canvas. A person who has never been afraid has no imagination…Brilliancy is going toward color…”–Robert Henri, The Art Spirit I make no claims to brilliancy, but Robert Henri and I agree that color is an animal that wags its own tail. My words, not his. Poet Yevgeny Yevtuskenko wrote about color … Continue reading The Colors of Our Lives

Learning to Play Like Myself

Miles Davis had it right: “Sometimes it takes a long time to learn how to play like yourself.” And with that, I’m right back in the jazz world. But Miles Davis knew whereof he spoke. And it applies to any creative work. Even to the woodcarvers who put their talent to work carving pumpkins for Halloween. I’m back but I’ve learned some things in the … Continue reading Learning to Play Like Myself

Floating on the Tide

I’m ready to get back to work.  I’ve been experimenting with my old collage materials on the small pieces of illustration board and trying some new tricks.  But combining large areas of paint with the collage materials is a whole new adventure for me and results have been mixed.  No, wrong. They’ve been bad. That’s why we experiment. Smaller works are not what I generally paint, so … Continue reading Floating on the Tide

Notice What You Notice

Abstract expressionist artists so often have a hard time explaining what they do when they’re asked the larger-than-large questions: What’s it about? or What does it mean? Or why did you call it that? We have little to anchor our work back to whatever reality exists (I’m a skeptic about reality), and we work in a more or less constant state of mystery. Sometimes the … Continue reading Notice What You Notice