The Paintings Are Ready and So Am I

Choices have been made and the event has been announced. I’m down to the last minute tasks for the show that goes up on Wednesday. Twenty paintings are now ready to grace the walls of the lovely gallery space in our City Hall. How they’ll be received is yet to be seen, and it’s not up to me. I’m doing the finishing touches on paintings … Continue reading The Paintings Are Ready and So Am I

The “hardware part” of art

Painting isn’t everything. And it’s certainly not the only thing. (Apologies to Vince Lombardi.) The other part of being a visual artist, at least an artist who wants to show her work, is the part that involves not paint, but a screwdriver, tape measure, possibly pliers, wirecutters and a certain level of patience. This is the “putting on the hardware” part – D-rings and hanging … Continue reading The “hardware part” of art

Art, War, Poetry, and Spirit

Winter turns into spring or close enough now, and the impulse to get back to the studio grows stronger. An artist friend in Seattle was recently in touch and wrote me about the small collages he’s doing. I started thinking again about my own collages, the ones that got me going those years ago. The world situation right now is on my mind as well, … Continue reading Art, War, Poetry, and Spirit

A Body of Work and the Traces of Art

The body here, which I found some now-forgotten place, was the inspiration for my series, “Celestial Bodies.” I was attending a marketing workshop for artists about how to sell the paintings when I heard the line, “You’ll need a body of work…” At that moment, words from an old tune ran through my head: “I ain’t got no body…” And I did, in fact, have … Continue reading A Body of Work and the Traces of Art

When Tulips Are in Bloom Again

The name of this blog says it all: Art and Tulips They have long gone hand in hand for me, even before “The Colors of Jazz.” Painting flowers has never held much appeal for me because I know it’s impossible for me to truly capture their beauty except perhaps in a good photograph, so using photographs in collages has seemed the best way, for me … Continue reading When Tulips Are in Bloom Again

Considering the Lilies

Today, serendipity and a sidestep from jazz. Serendipity was finding a wonderful image of this lily, a cobra lily, and recognizing that I wanted to use it right away. This is how art happens. Consider the Lilies is a one-off. I am not planning a series about flowers. But it was the right thing at the right moment and tells the right story, so who … Continue reading Considering the Lilies

Plato Had It Right

And so it begins. Plato is rumored to have said (who knows who really said what back in the day?) that “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Whether he said this or not, I have long believed it. It’s the first stroke on the canvas, the first words in a piece of writing, the first notes of a new composition, the … Continue reading Plato Had It Right

Opening a New Window

Today was the day. The studio and the pop up ​Colors of ​Jazz gallery in the window on the street level of the building are history.​ I had a melancholy moment turning in the keys.  But this is not the first time I’ve closed one door and opened another.  ​ My painting life is temporarily on hold, though not history. ​ And my life as an … Continue reading Opening a New Window

Marketing Is Not Art

Despite the almost daily news of art sales in big auctions or artists turning out million dollar NFTs, the truth is that most of us are simply toilers in the vineyard. If you know the vineyard story, it’s about work. Just work. Getting paid for that work and not thinking of ourselves as special or deserving more than anyone else. The publicity around the big, … Continue reading Marketing Is Not Art

To the Best of My Lights

The heat this strange summer has reminded me of my days in North Carolina where the best thing about summer was the fireflies. I’m still working on the art, but in truth, things have slowed down a little. Happily, the weather has also cooled a little, too, the last couple of days. The good news is that I have a new show coming up in … Continue reading To the Best of My Lights