From Jazz to Fragonard

I am happily back at work in the studio. An auto mechanic is happy working in the garage, a carpenter in the woodshop, a gardener in the garden, and an artist desires more than anything to be in the studio. Over the last few months, many ideas about the painting have bounced around in my head while I was busy with other tasks, including preparations … Continue reading From Jazz to Fragonard

Chardin, DALL-E and the Art of Emotion

“Who told you that one paints with colours? One makes use of colours, but one paints with emotions.” — Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin I have been asking myself what an artist like Chardin would have to say about art created by emotionless artificial intelligence. I believe Chardin and I would agree, and that does not mean I’m saying I know it all, just that in our … Continue reading Chardin, DALL-E and the Art of Emotion