The Paintings Are Ready and So Am I

Choices have been made and the event has been announced. I’m down to the last minute tasks for the show that goes up on Wednesday. Twenty paintings are now ready to grace the walls of the lovely gallery space in our City Hall. How they’ll be received is yet to be seen, and it’s not up to me. I’m doing the finishing touches on paintings … Continue reading The Paintings Are Ready and So Am I

The “hardware part” of art

Painting isn’t everything. And it’s certainly not the only thing. (Apologies to Vince Lombardi.) The other part of being a visual artist, at least an artist who wants to show her work, is the part that involves not paint, but a screwdriver, tape measure, possibly pliers, wirecutters and a certain level of patience. This is the “putting on the hardware” part – D-rings and hanging … Continue reading The “hardware part” of art