Beauty, Balance and Order in the Age of Instagram

Some Other Timecopyright, 2021 Molly Larson Cook30″ x 24″Acrylic paint, latex/acrylic paint and ink on gallery-wrapped canvasAvailable “Manet did not do the expected. He was a pioneer. He followed his individual whim. Told the public what he wanted it to know, not the time-worn things the public already knew and thought it wanted to hear again. The public was very much offended.” — Robert Henri, … Continue reading Beauty, Balance and Order in the Age of Instagram

The Things Worth Doing

“The only work really worth doing — the only work you can do convincingly — is the work that focuses on the things you care about. To not focus on those issues is to deny the constants in your life.” — Bayles and Orland, Art and Fear This relatively simple idea is, in a different way, huge for an artist. Most of us are, after … Continue reading The Things Worth Doing

Choosing Life and Bending the Paint

An artist can find inspiration almost anywhere. And ours is not to question from whence or why. When I started painting back in the 1980s in Massachusetts, I put together whatever I had handy for my pastel still lifes. In this case, some of my undies. Don’t worry – this is as racy as it got. Who knows why we paint or create what we … Continue reading Choosing Life and Bending the Paint