The Art in the Map

Work in progress…Map of the Far Horizon

“Do they still make, even sell, paper maps?”
That question from retired New York marketing executive Michael Lissauer
is emblematic of our daily reliance on digital navigation.
“Other than in a history class, Europe before World War II, who needs a paper map?”

My answer to Mr. Lissauer’s question is, “Me. I need a paper map.”  

I don’t have a GPS in my car, nor do I want one.  I have a phone with Google maps which are moderately reliable but not always.  And there are all kinds of interesting maps that have nothing to do with roads or places anyway.

Maps, all kinds of maps, serve a useful purpose.  They tell us how to get from Point A to Point B.  But what if Points A and B are not about highways and roads or continents and oceans or even stars and planets?

What if Points A and B are in our dreams, our fantasies, our imagination?  What if Points A and B are not places anyone would recognize at all,  with or without a GPS or a paper map?

What if Points A and B are mapped in the scores for a Bach partita or a Brahms prelude?  What if Points A and B are notations for a composition  by John Coltrane or Joni Mitchell or Charlie Parker?  What if Points A and B are in the plan for your life?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver  

What if Points A and B are found in the places in our hearts?

I have no idea where this new journey will take me, but as long as I can keep painting, I’m up for the trip.  And undiscovered country, for an artist, is home.

Watch your mailbox.  I’ll send postcards.  From Point A and Point B.


12 thoughts on “The Art in the Map

  1. The maps are yours! I want to see what you do with them…all that textile exploration. Have fun on the journey…

  2. David doesn’t know it, but I have plans for some of those maps. There is much textile exploration in my future. After reading today’s post (1-22-21), it looks like you’ve found your way without them! ♥️

  3. What a lovely way to put it…And look how we’ve traveled with those maps…
    Love and here’s to the class of ’55!!

  4. I have a whole file drawer of maps….old maps I will not use again, but which bring a smile, along with some good memories when I chance upon them. They are old friends who guided me safely along my way. Here’s to maps, maps of all kinds.
    xo Marcia

  5. I like what you’ve come up with already! Oh no, if I buy any more of your paintings, we’ll have to build on a gallery!

  6. Stay tuned…I may take you up on that generous offer! Let us hope we could do this in person in 2021…It’s hard knowing you guys are so close and yet so far away…Love, Moll

  7. We’ve got several boxes of maps (and some that haven’t found their way to a box) so let us know when you decide where Point B is and we can probably help with some direction 😏

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