Winding Down

​October is winding down and The Colors of Jazz will be but a memory soon.

If you haven’t seen the show yet at New Morning Bakery, it’s up every day through November 1, and I’ll be there one more time, Sunday October 25 from 1 to 3 to sip tea, chat, answer questions, talk about art and/or you.

Someone left me a wonderful present.  When I got to the bakery yesterday, I found the  beautiful face mask pictured above, close to the show sign near one of the paintings. No note, so I can’t properly say thank you. But it’s lovely and truly the colors of jazz. If any of you left it, please let me know. 

I’ve been giving thought to what’s next for me and the art with most venues still closed or operating on a limited basis for now. I hadn’t thought to open a gallery myself nor have I been drawn to selling online and shipping. I like the personal engagement with buyers. And I’ve not been interested in prints though I know this works for many artists.

One idea has been to create one of a kind hand painted tee shirts. I made one for my partner Michael a year ago for Christmas and it’s garnered positive comments when he wears it. I’m not thinking screen printed designs but individually done work on tee shirts, original wearable and washable art.

Something to think about. For now, my project is to put the studio back together at the end of the month, get busy again and continue to find new opportunities to show the work. Oh, and mend my not broken but slightly damaged leg from a fall a couple of weeks ago when I apparently stretched too far while hanging the show.  

I’m reminded of the story of a young actor I met years ago at a small college. He was in a cast — literally. He told he had wanted to play football, but his mom vetoed that idea because she was afraid he’d be injured.

“So I decided to try acting and I fell off the stage.”

If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans…


2 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Glad you are recovering. Mentioned your show to a former colleague of mine who now lives in Corvallis and was going to try to hit the show after he had a brewski at Squirrels. I told him to tell you that Thebeerchaser sent him….

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