The Show at New Morning Bakery

“The Colors of Jazz”
and an unidentified patron

From left – “Scrapple from the Apple,” “Good Morning, Heartache,” “Doxy,” “Night in Tunisia,” “Billie’s Bounce, ”
“Yardbird Suite,” “Con Alma,” “Have You Met Miss Jones?” and “Unsquare Dance.”  Beyond that, I don’t have the map.


The show is up and not without incident.  But I’ve sold one painting -the one center in the picture, “Night in Tunisia.”   In a gallery show, the paintings stay up with a “sold” note on the title card. 

Being an artist is about many things.  One of them is the nuts and bolts work that comes after the painting is done — the announcement, the p. r., making the title cards, measuring measuring measuring.  Adding the hardware and wires and in this case adding invisible fish line so I could suspend them from the “S” hooks along the molding, balanced on a not high enough step stool.  Then levelling.  Nope, I didn’t try to get them even…I call it improvisation. 

But it’s up and I’m happy.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.  If you’re not and see something you like —  remember pictures are 2-D and paintings are 3-D — let me know.  Everything’s for sale and can be shipped.

And if anybody recognizes that head, let me know. 




2 thoughts on “The Show at New Morning Bakery

  1. Thank you, dear Janice. It was a success and I’m happy I had a chance to show the art here. You’ve seen my other shows!
    Love, Molly

  2. Hey Molly,
    I’m avoiding the television set on this momentous election day and catching up with old e-mails…I think it is great you have/had your art on display in Corvalis. It appears to have been a great success.

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