New Path to the Waterfall

Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time. – Ornette Coleman Voila!  One of my favorite graphics, one I’ve used more than once – The Cartographer’s Heart.  This is a genuine cartographic representation of our currently not-too-happy planet, devised by one Johannes Kepler, a more or less contemporary of Columbus.  Not one of my own designs. … Continue reading New Path to the Waterfall

Winding Down

​October is winding down and The Colors of Jazz will be but a memory soon. If you haven’t seen the show yet at New Morning Bakery, it’s up every day through November 1, and I’ll be there one more time, Sunday October 25 from 1 to 3 to sip tea, chat, answer questions, talk about art and/or you. Someone left me a wonderful present.  When … Continue reading Winding Down

The Show at New Morning Bakery

“The Colors of Jazz” and an unidentified patron From left – “Scrapple from the Apple,” “Good Morning, Heartache,” “Doxy,” “Night in Tunisia,” “Billie’s Bounce, ” “Yardbird Suite,” “Con Alma,” “Have You Met Miss Jones?” and “Unsquare Dance.”  Beyond that, I don’t have the map.   The show is up and not without incident.  But I’ve sold one painting -the one center in the picture, “Night … Continue reading The Show at New Morning Bakery