Acting with the Universe!

The Colors of Jazz Collection
©2020, Molly Larson Cook
28 x 22 Acrylic on Canvas



The well-known philosopher of the late 20th century, Miss Piggy, once advised:  “When opportunity knocks, you don’t just open the door and let him in. You open the door, get out the Taittinger ’66, and pin him to the couch!”

I didn’t have any Taittinger ’66 on hand, but I did more or less open the door and pin opportunity to the couch a week ago when I contacted the landlord for my studio about another matter and mentioned that opportunities for artists have been limited with the pandemic.

I also mentioned how much I liked the vacant corner retail space in our building, and when I allowed as how it would make a great gallery but was out of my price range, he responded with an invitation.  Why didn’t I put some of my paintings there until the space is rented?

Why, indeed!  Talk about pinning to the couch!  The generosity and spirit of his offer knocked me over.

Writer John Gardener said in one of his fine books that, “Good luck is nothing but being in shape to act with the Universe when the Universe says Now!”

So, I got very busy – Now! – with details, and my informal, temporary, non-gallery “show” with pieces from my Colors of Jazz collection will be up tomorrow in the windows on one of the busiest downtown corners in my little city.

I am grateful beyond measure, and like the Unsinkable Molly, pandemic or not, “I ain’t down yet!”

I’m off now to hang paintings.  Then back to the canvas, the paint and the jazz.

Stay tuned…













7 thoughts on “Acting with the Universe!

  1. Hi Molly,

    No, I’m in Pennsylvania, so whatever we do will have to be virtual. I’d love to come up with something together!


  2. Judith, I keep that long ago book right beside me at the top of my book stack. Are you in the Corvallis area? Everything you’re doing is close to my heart. Let’s talk and come up with something together.

  3. It’s your turn to shine like a star in the
    Universe l think this is only the start of good things to come. So proud of you baby.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your experience with “opportunity.” And congratulations to you for going for it! Some time ago, you wrote about my first book “Open Heart” in your blog. Since then I’ve had three more collections published. I wonder if you’d ever like to do an interview or conversation with me on your blog–perhaps about how writing poetry can be like playing jazz? Also, I write a lot of poetry in response to works of art (ekphrastic poetry). Perhaps a conversation about that with some examples of poetry and art? In the meantime, good luck with your exhibit!

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