Painting in the Pandemic

  Kind of Blue © 2020, Molly Larson Cook Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ x 24″ Available   When I lived in New York a few decades back and took acting classes and thought I might one day get back on a stage, I developed my “Who woulda thought” school of thinking. I was a small town girl from Idaho suddenly breezing down 5th Avenue or … Continue reading Painting in the Pandemic

Artists and Loggers Staying Safe

Skylark © 2019, Molly Larson Cook Acrylic on canvas Available   I read today that studies show the people with the safest work during this COVID-19 crisis are artists and loggers.  Well, now, as Tom Hanks might say, what do we make of that? I spent part of the day in my studio and can attest that it’s one of the best places to self-isolate.  … Continue reading Artists and Loggers Staying Safe

Paint Your Shirt

  “Billie’s Bounce” © 2019, Molly Larson Cook Acrylic on Canvas Available   Over the years as an art student, an art history major, artist, and simply one interested in the lives and work of many artists, I’ve read a lot of books about art – technique, color theory, design principles, marketing. I’ve acquired some of the books and picked up others at one library … Continue reading Paint Your Shirt