Goodbye, Old Paint

Many things have happened since my last post, Art Friends.  Let me count the ways.

I went to Mexico with my significant other and we found a new place to live. We strolled the streets of our new town, wandered into local art galleries and met a couple of artists.  We ate good food and drank good margaritas which, down there, do not cost $9 a throw! We leased a lovely condo on the beach with a non-stop view of whales and porpoises.  We’re eager for this new creative life and adventure to begin…

Then we came home in time for the opening reception at La Playa Gallery in La Jolla where my work will be up until Thanksgiving.  The evening was a great party with friends and family from near and farther coming by to mingle with other artists’ friends and family for wine, cheese and tasty homemade delicacies.  Thank you, Erica!

I’m now in the sorting, tossing, selling, packing stage of the transition.  Last night I pondered the big “to take or not to take” question about my “painting board” which has been with me for the past three years.  In the interest of traveling light over sentiment, I decided not to take it.  I can replace it easily once settled in Mexico and it’s an awkward size.

So I took a picture of it instead (see above) as I often do when saying goodbye to things I’ve loved (not the guys in my life, just the objects – who needs reminders of the guys?).

After visiting Baja a few times, I already feel changes coming for my art.  I’m not painting right now, so it will be yet another adventure to see what happens under a different sun, by a somewhat different sea, in a world where color plays the same important role it plays in my life and art.  Where poetry happens on a daily basis.  Where the language is a Romance language in every sense of the word.  Where my SO, Michael, will be making large canvases for me so I can spread my wings in new ways.

Where great margaritas cost $3 and come with a complimentary shot of tequila.

The paints and tools are packed and ready to go.  The notice to vacate my apartment is in.  Visas are in the works.

¡Viva Mexico!  ¡Viva una vida en el arte!







6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Old Paint

  1. Thank you! It’s a truly wonderful adventure…I was never destined for a rocking chair and a pair of knitting needles! Will be writing more soon.

  2. Oh, indeed…want to chase some non US brews and take a trip south? Our favorite is Modelo Negra…just a darned good beer – nothing fancy or artisanal…Good to hear from you.

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