Once in a Blue Moon…


I once had a business I called Blue Moon Flowers because once in a blue moon something wonderful happens and opening my own floral design shop was wonderful.

If I were going to give my art “business” a name now, I might call it Blue Moon Studio because another wonderful thing has happened.  I’ll have an art show later this summer or early fall in a small San Diego gallery.

Those of us who do not have traditional studios where we can hang our art or invite potential viewers to a show have been blessed with the innovative concept of a rent-a-wall gallery initiated by Patric Stillman, owner/artist of the Studio Door Gallery in San Diego’s North Park arts district.

In the space adjoining the main gallery, Patric has created a wonderful small gallery for the rest of us, HYPE Gallery, where for a month or two – and for a modest fee – we can hang our work, be there to meet with guests, sell our art with no commission and generally take the first steps toward becoming full-time professionals.

We do all the work – marketing, installation, gallery sitting, whatever it takes.  Others may call it work, but I call it joy!  As a born entrepreneur, I know that doing what you love is never just about doing what you love in the studio, the flower shop, on a writing gig or anywhere else.  There’s always the rest of the work and if you can’t enjoy that, too, you may be in the wrong place.

Aside from donating a couple of pieces for fundraising auctions, this will be the first time my paintings have been out in the world beyond this site.  I was more than pleased when Patric welcomed my work with enthusiasm, and I look forward to spending the summer preparing everything – finishing touches on the paintings, artist’s statement, postcards, you name it.  If you’ve been there, you’ve done that.

As author John Gardner once wrote, Good luck is nothing but being in shape to act with the Universe when the Universe says “Now!”

I want to be in the best shape possible and have already been busy laying out a plan for what to hang where  (see above).  I know this is not winning the grand prize in any competition, but for the entrepreneurial me, it couldn’t be a better opportunity.

If I make sales from this first venture into the market, I’ll consider it a bonus.  The fun will be in putting together the show and meeting people who come.  I’m a hands-on face-to-face kind of person and can’t wait to see what happens next.


HYPE Gallery/Studio Door, San Diego (the artist is Sarah Soward)








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