Bringing Your Whole Heart Home

Pen, ink and watercolor, 2013, Molly Larson Cook  Forgive me, but today’s post is somewhat more personal than most of what you’ve seen here.  It comes in part as a response to a recent health issue – nothing serious but painful day in and day out. Oddly enough, it also comes after receiving a particularly fine award and publication for my poetry, a gift I’ve … Continue reading Bringing Your Whole Heart Home

Imagining Forth!

As both a poet and an artist, I tend to wander back and forth, crossing the invisible line between the two like a drunk on a bicycle. I give many of my paintings poetic titles and I write poems about art.  I’m not the only one who does this.  One of my favorite books on the practice of writing is titled The Writer on His Own, and much of … Continue reading Imagining Forth!