Robin Hood’s Barn

My dear father-in-law had a saying about occasions when it seemed that a person was taking too much time to get somewhere or had deliberately made the trip longer than necessary or just seemed to be lost on the way or was telling some convoluted and long-winded story. “That fellow went all the way around Robin Hood’s barn to get there.” The phrase came to me again … Continue reading Robin Hood’s Barn

It Tastes Like Ingredients

Yesterday I finally had to admit that “messing around” can sometimes just lead to a mess. The new painting I so happily worked on last week and over the weekend became, finally, something I did not love. I was happy with the colors and the balance and the design.  But something was wrong that no amount of tweaking seemed to fix.  I’d added some pastel … Continue reading It Tastes Like Ingredients

A Small Jump and then a Big Leap

A couple of weeks ago I made a small jump, which I’ll just call a segue, from my Frank Lloyd Wright series. I used essentially the same format – vertical colors with the circle near the bottom – but this time I had no reference in mind for the colors and I ditched the horizontal panel on which the circle rested in the previous paintings. … Continue reading A Small Jump and then a Big Leap