Sometimes You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

I’m a writer as well as a sloooowly developing artist, and I love books, especially older books which were designed with care and treated as something more than bundles of information. At the library today I ran across a lovely book about such books, or more precisely about book covers. Alas, the days are gone when book cover artists worked their magic.  I’m not talking … Continue reading Sometimes You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

This Is Your Real Life 101

One of my collages… Are you living in a world of “the magic if”? Actors know about the “magic if.” It’s a method they use to get fully into a role. It’s useful in stimulating emotional responses to whatever’s happening on the stage or screen. You see it all the time if you watch anything at all. You didn’t think those actors were really weeping … Continue reading This Is Your Real Life 101

All Things New – and Old

It’s definitely spring now and the tulips are beginning to fade in the warming weather of San Diego.  But I find them beautiful still.  Hence the photo that accompanies this site. My grandmother, a mistress of the garden, loved a book I gave her with photos by Irving Penn of flowers in all stages of bloom.  She pointed out to me how beautiful the withering … Continue reading All Things New – and Old